Support for Leaders

Principles of our program:

  • Excellent leaders advocate the highest good for all. 
  • Every leader benefits from sincere, introspective work. Strengthening and renewing ties to one’s core will bring a higher level of excellence to work and leadership.
  • There is no real separation of personal life and business life. You can’t leave your essence at home, nor should you. Because as a leader, being who you truly are determines your continued success.
  • A leader fluent in building authentic relationships will create a positive working environment and inspire others to bring excellence to their work.

Who is served by this work with horses?   People who guide, council, teach, treat, and/or help others.

We help you reconnect with and rejuvenate passion; passion for life, working, learning, offering, and receiving.  Leading can become restrictive when one looses sight or feels out of touch with a deeper self-knowing — the elemental inspirational aspect of self and the source of trust and compassion.

We promote sustainable leadership by carefully constructing situations with horses in which relationships are based on trust and respect. The responses from horses reflect your inner life, that which is unseen but impacts all who are involved.

The world would have you believe that professional and personal life are somehow separated — that you can be one person at work and someone else at home. This is a lie, one that tears at the very fabric of human dignity and integrity. We offer a respite from everyday pressures and a haven to sustain innocence and courage. Through innocence great ideas come to light and through courage the ideas come into form.

Why Horses?

Consistent, congruent and clear direction, are essential to good leadership – with people as well as horses. Working with a horse provides challenges and opportunities unlike any found in most leadership training methods. You gain awareness of the totality of your communication.

Simply stated, horses do not lie, offering genuine, honest responses to your efforts. They offer a fast track to improving leadership by letting you experience the actual effectiveness of your communication. It is impossible to ignore when a 1500-pound horse walks away and ignores your best-intended direction. Self-discovery, in this setting, can be light-hearted which increases your ability to absorb and apply the experiences. see more

This workshop will address unnecessary defenses that cloud relationships in order to strengthen leadership and build trust and respect in one’s judgment.

Developing a common language for leaders is an integral part of effective communication. We promote understanding and awareness of all elements of communication- physical, emotional, and mental – to illustrate strengths and weaknesses.

Our programs insure development of effective communication across the board, in any situation, and under any circumstance.

There is no riding; all the work you will do with the horses is on the ground. You will be taught to guide the horses, using your focus, intention, and clarity.

Scheduling a Leadership Workshop:

The first step is to begin a conversation with us. Choosing a leadership development program is a critical decision, one to consider carefully. Let’s see if we are a good fit.

  • We will work with you to tailor a 3 or 4-day workshop to fit your needs and schedule.
  • The cost is $500 per day/per person, this includes training, lodging and lunch daily.
  • There is a non-refundable registration fee of $400 per person.
  • A word about our fees: We offer scholarships for all of our programs. Should you feel that attending an Equinection program would serve your highest good and your only obstacle is lack of funds, please contact us. 

To learn more about how you can register for a Leadership Development workshop, please fill out the inquiry form below.

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