The Equinection Method:

Our Clean Slate Program

It is about you and the horse—in that order.

When working with horses an essential practice is to begin each session with a fresh start. This means focusing on the present moment to override doubt and expectation because both doubt and expectation are rooted in the past. We have named our program, Clean Slate, to represent our intention to help people recognize opportunities to change old beliefs and patterns in order to begin anew and create a vibrant and happy life.

The experience of releasing expectations and connecting with a horse propels a person into joy. It is transformative and for many — mind-changing. The mind rests and the recurring thoughts of what needs doing, how it needs doing, how am I doing, etc. … STOP. This incessant mind-chatter is exhausting, not only for the person doing the thinking but also for all who are near.

A quiet mind gives a person a direct route to feel peace that is within.

The power of clearing one’s mind is palpable and irrefutable when a horse comes near only when the mind is quiet and focused on the present, or when a frightened horse is calmed when you still your mind by focusing on your breath. These experiences are easily remembered and trusted. They stay with you long after you leave Equinection, helping you to remember the value of looking within yourself for guidance and releasing chaotic thoughts and behavior that serve to obstruct inner knowing.

Clean Slate is a way of being, giving clear, irrefutable reason to be intimately acquainted with one’s true self.

Some find it challenging to quiet thoughts and relax the mind when around a horse. With time, you become aware that stilling the mind is a choice that leads to better communication and in general, positive outcomes. Forcing a quiet mind is a ruse often used as a way to being present. Forcing is hard and unyielding, the very things that we don’t want our horses to be.

We begin with a thorough examination of your starting place — your whole self including thought, emotion, sensation, and beliefs. The next step expands awareness of self through activities that build a consensual relationship with the horse of your choosing. You learn to appreciate and recognize offering and receiving within this relationship with horses. The outcome is an understanding of your inherent strengths, gifts, and talents. Day by day, this understanding expands. Your dedication to partner with a horse inspires you, carrying you beyond the natural challenges of self-discovery.

We tailor experiences to address specific needs held within one goal — to deepen self-awareness. The topics of discussion and focus of the sessions are unique to each workshop context, using activities and interaction designed to bring awareness for the subject matter concerning the group.

We offer Clean Slate in 4-day, residential workshops for: women, people in recovery, and leadership support. People who would like to work one on one with Karen may register for individual sessions.

All of our workshops can be scheduled to accommodate your group or organization’s schedule.

Clean Slate Programs

Programs-Individual (1-3-5) smIndividual Sessions

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In these sessions with Karen, you will find and experience balance. Through Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), you are supported to reach a new understanding of how to approach challenges and to overcome the obstacles that can block you from living a peaceful and contented life.

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Business & Special Interest Groups

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Equinection is a boutique organization, scheduling residential workshops with businesses and special interest groups from April to December. This allows groups to plan workshops at their convenience.

Our workshops for Women, Recovery and Leadership Development are available.

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