Clarity from a Foggy Morning

This morning, while tending to the horses, it was pretty darn bleak. The rain was constant, more than a drizzle, creating a heavy, damp fog. Grayness seemed to go on forever.

img_0974As the morning continued to unfold, the farm became clear and sunny while the fog hovered just at the first line of trees. It occurred to me that our mountain weather was a perfect metaphor for the grace that supports and defines this work with horses.

You see, horses know the sunny part of us, they can sense the light that is within us beneath the “fog” created by fear, anger or self-doubt. They teach us: whatever is lurking in our thoughts that feels foggy or uncertain,to look underneath it… go deeper to find the solid ground of who you really are. Then, fear, anger, and self-doubt will lift and the light of who you really are will shine though.