With a cursory glance through history, it is clear that horses are an integral part of human existence. People have been recording and documenting their lives with horses for at least 25,000 years and continue to do so throughout the world.

At Equinection, we consider horse assisted therapy fundamental to actualizing human potential—because it is as natural as breathing.

Put a person near a horse, insuring that both horse and human are safe, and the person will relax—physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Heart Math Institute confirms this experience. The heart rate becomes steady, oxygen intake normalizes, stress hormones subside, and positive thinking occurs—even for people who have never been around horses. So, the therapy aspect is a natural outcome.

On a very basic level, horse assisted therapy requires little intervention from a professional. However, in our busy culture, people may require help to still their minds.  At the start of each program, we give basic information about the nature of horses and provide dedicated time for a person to just be with a horse.

Equinection’s magnificent setting  allows mother nature to release the desire to rush, push, or force solutions. With horses, insisting on control creates confusion for both human and horse. Of course, this is the same in most relationships, regardless of the species.

We offer horse assisted therapy in its most simple and effective form:  a beautiful and safe setting to be with horses, and awareness of the whole experience – mind, body, emotion, and spirit.