The Facility

Equinection is located in a setting of unparalleled beauty in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the privacy of our 112 acres, one immediately senses the careful planning and clear intention with which we designed and built the facility, specifically, for our Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) practice. The farm is a vital part of the whole Equinection experience.

Every choice made constructing Equinection was carefully considered to support participants’ growth and learning. Walking trails and meditation areas are designed for quiet reflection of the work with the horses.

Meeting in our outdoor classrooms maintains a connection to nature and the horses throughout the program.

Located in the heart of the facility, The Meeting Space is our participants’ “home” during the day. It has a full kitchen, large porch overlooking the valley, and a spacious meeting room.

The Horses’ Home

Our horses are treasured. They live in pastures with access to fresh, flowing spring water, and homegrown grass-hay. We exercise and work with the horses to create and maintain trusting relationships. We are constantly deepening our understanding of the herd.

GREEN Aspects of the Facility

Building placement, materials, and landscaping were all planned and designed first and foremost with respect for the land and to ensure the highest learning for each client. To preserve the maximum amount of open space we used very few acres for the campus. We utilized local materials and labor to minimize our carbon footprint.

  • Trees were milled locally and used in buildings and fences.
  • Barn and stall flooring is 100% recycled tires.
  • Reclaimed chestnut wood, salvaged from old barns, has been used throughout the buildings in place of purchased moldings and trim.
  • 6 – 8” Soy-based insulation was used in all buildings.