The Equinection Staff

Staff (1-2-1) (3)Karen Head

Executive Director

B.A. Theatre Arts
M.Ed. Creative Arts Education
Advanced Eponaquest Facilitator
Consummate Teacher Training from Kumu Consulting

I have studied and practiced experiential education for 40 years. I use expressive art techniques to anchor and enrich clients’ experiences.

I grew up with horses and have been a trail guide, riding teacher, and ranch hand. Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) combines my love for horses and experiential learning and help me teach people how to come to a deeper awareness of themselves.

After completing the Advanced Eponaquest Facilitator-Training program, I wanted more specific training to improve teaching skills. I began a concentrated 6-year study of teaching at what is now, Kumu Consulting.

As my life attests, I value the challenge of self-discovery, and the courage required to look within for answers. As a result of my extensive and ongoing training, I’ve developed a specialized Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) program at Equinection that uses awareness as a guide to self-discovery and personal transformation.

Staff (1-2-1) (1)Kenneth Johnson


Without Kenneth, Equinection would not be what it is today. From the beginning, with Karen, they planned, built, and continue to perfect the facility and farm. Kenneth did the excavating and oversaw all construction. He is a talented man who is as good with a horse as he is with a track-hoe, and that is saying a great deal. He oversees the care of the horses and the land. Everything Kenneth does is to the highest standard. He is an integral part of the Equinection family.

Staff (1-2-1)Kim Bentley

Barn Manager

Kim (Kenneth’s daughter) started by working with her father clearing the land for pastures. Simply put, Kim has brought color and warmth to Equinection. She followed behind the excavation, landscaping and planting gardens. Her flowers bloom from the earliest of spring to late fall. She is also a skilled horsewoman. Her main job is to take care of the horses, which is essential because the way we care for the horses determines the ability the horses have to care about our participants. With her open and generous spirit, Kim finds many ways to support participants from making sure there is a chair to rest on or a much-needed bottle of water available on a hot day. Kim, like her father, is a valuable asset to the whole Equinection community.

Staff (1-2-1) (2)Polly Knowles

Office Manager

Polly oversees the office, all registrations, the books and organizing for workshops.  She brings order, expertise, and a warm welcoming voice to the business of Equinection. She has years of experience and we are grateful she is here to manage the office, keep us organized and bring her “can do” attitude to all things regarding numbers, files and schedules.