Our Mission

To help people live more fulfilled, joyous and peaceful lives by making it possible to truly connect with horses and integrate insights gained from these experiences into daily life.

What is Equinection?

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Equinection is an experiential leaning program comprised of blessings from beautiful mountain land, talented and dedicated staff, and well-tended horses. This program creates experience gained from specialized interaction with horses, staff and farm that result in significant change and personal insight for our participants.

We inspire transformational change to open awareness of the whole person –  mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Simply put, Equinection is:

  • A specialized EFL practice focused on deepening awareness by using relationship with horses as a catalyst for personal insight and change. For more information on Equine Facilitated Learning, Horse Assisted Therapy  and Hippo Therapy click here.
  • A farm – a private and serene setting that supports careful and thorough introspection. Our facility, designed solely for our program, with indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, large indoor arena, round-pens, walking trails, and journaling spots.
  • A herd of horses – gentle, curious, and honest.  Judgment and criticism are never part of their offering. For more information on “Our Herd” or “Why Horses”, click here.
  • A well trained and experienced staff dedicated to offering their best work and service.
  • A practice committed to respect and to serve all who come to Equinection.


Equinection and Founder’s History

My family’s business was a conference center outside of Washington, DC. in the foothills of northern Virginia. My childhood job was taking conferees horseback riding. A diverse and fascinating array of people came for conferences from The Department of Defense to the NAACP, as well as medical groups, statesmen and politicians. I grew close to many of the conferees over the years. It didn’t seem odd to me that a child and these consummate professionals were friends. We connected from the heart by having fun with and respect for horses.

In the 40 years that followed, among other jobs, I worked on a cattle ranch, acted and directed in theatre, won an Emmy working on documentary films, and raised a family.

In 2004, Equinection officially opened for business. I had two horses on less than four acres in the city limits of Asheville, NC. and offered one workshop on personal development.

Today, Equinection is located on 112 acres in Green Mountain, NC and has a herd of 7 horses. It took six years to build the facility – a barn, 100-square foot indoor arena, meeting space, outdoor classrooms, round pens, lovely gardens and grounds. The land and farm is integral to the Equinection experience.

Our programs develop over the fullness of time, as I integrate my life experiences and education into enriching and transformative experiences for participants. My studies did not end with achieving an Advanced Facilitator from Epona Quest. I continued to study with teachers who focused on authenticity in relationship, strengthening spiritual connection, new methodology for helping people who have lived with active addictions, and various horse-based trainings to expand my own relationships with the herd.

Just as horses have curious natures and are natural explorers, I continue to push the boundaries of my training in EFL and expand my teaching to better help people feel rooted in and nurtured by life.

To me, Equinection represents a divine balance the full circle we call life. For now, just as when I was a child, I connect with people’s hearts through grace offered in the form of the horse.