A horse and a lawyer walk into a …..

“Joe” felt bleak and hopeless, burdened with guilt about being a lawyer. He was ashamed of of his chosen profession. He came to Equinection for support to change his profession as a way to find comfort within his self. He chose to work with Shug, a big horse who is a manifestation of confidence and power. Her power comes from knowing who she is and responding from this truth in all relationships. 

Joe was convinced that being an artist was his calling. He thought that creativity is only expressed through art. Giving up law would make a happier life for him. He would be a better person, a knight in shinning armor.

To our surprise, we discovered is that the image of a knight in shinning armor portrayed Joe’s as an artist and not a lawyer. This knight, confined by a suit of armor, was Joe’s image of the artist as always creative and loved. Yet, he rides a horse controlled with a massive and painful bit—a forceful deterrent to freedom. The knight and his galant steep are absolutely confined and controlled absolutely. 

No matter how challenging this can be to discover, the truth eases life’s challenges. There was a fire in Joe’s belly was for law. He dampened this flame with a preconceived notion that lawyers are uncaring while artists are good-hearted people.

Here is where the horses make a difference helping people discover truth. Shug doesn’t know nor care about what society says. As Joe related stories about concern for the law, Shug showed interest in being with him. She came close to Joe and allowed him to touch her. When Joe spoke about his desire to become an artist, Shug walked away and kept her distance. This went on for a while, allowing us to tune in to her message and away from preconceived notions.

Joe revealed that to him, the study and practice of law is enthralling. With this, the big black mare lumbered over to him and dropped her head and gently shoved him forward. Initially, Joe thought she wanted him to stop talking about the dreaded profession; to move on.  As time went on, he realized Shug was saying, “embrace your profession, accept what you love, and let’s get on with life.” 

Joe learned anything that smacks of shame distorts wisdom and truth.

Just as fire is covered by smoke, just as the embryo rests deep within the womb, wisdom is hidden by selfish desire.   Bhagavad Gita