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The greatest gift and challenge is to truly know yourself - your blessings and your strengths.

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Horses insist on kindness and charity in forming trusting relationships. Because one is rewarded with a dependable partnership, as a result of relying on compassionate insight, it follows that using the same basic tenets in all walks of life will build good relationships.

You will develop compassionate self-awareness and remember your remarkable human spirit.


It was simply one of the most profound experiences I've had and will never forget.

Diane F.

“My four-day experience at Equinection has changed my life. I‘m in a new place with new tools to continue the journey”.

Lorette, NC

"I am a different woman as a result of your teachings! You have given me a gift that will change my life and the life of those I love".

Tammy, NC.

“"I did a 4-day workshop with Karen last spring and it was “top 3” in the best things I have done for myself in my lifetime".

Matt, NC

"My self discovery and time spent with the horses and you were my top heart felt memories of 2015. Thank you for accompanying me to a place I did not want to go. That box of darkness no longer haunts me".

Miriam, NC.

"I will never forget the incredible experience I had thanks to you and your beautiful horses. I am deeply grateful for this amazing gift and awe-inspired by the work you do there, helping people learn, heal, and grow".

Jade, NC.

"Karen and her horses showed me that the authenticity with which I walk, speak, and even stand still has a profound effect on those in my presence. You can't fake it with a horse. He will lovingly, but clearly, let you know when you are not authentically present, and he will steadfastly hold his ground until you come back to the moment, back to the one you're with, back to yourself. When you do, the healing energy of connection is palpable and deeply moving."

Melissa, M.A., M.S., Chaplain, P.R.N., NC.

“You’ve given me tools that will help me have and be what I’ve been longing for. This is a valuable gift you offer, and I’m so glad I accepted it”.

Alyce, NY

“By allowing myself to be open to a new way of learning you and your horses help me gain insight about myself that remains with me long after I’ve gone. Any experience with you (Karen) at Equinection is a gift like no other”.

Sharon, NC

“This has been a transformative experience”. Thank you!

Charles, NC

“The expert facilitation and beautiful horses helped me to understand the connection possible between humans. I saw how powerful living in the moment is and learned to apply this to how I approach my work”.

Cassandra, NC

“The work I have done at Equinection has led to a deep and lasting change in how I think about myself and interact with others. If you have the opportunity to work with Karen, I highly recommend you take it - it will be one of the best gifts you’ve ever given to yourself”.

Suzanne, RN, MSW, LCSW, NC

" I experienced the truth of a genuine connection to the divine within through heart-felt connection with Sugar, Ceili, and Sam. The truth is validated in the body, feelings and "emotions".

Allen L., NC.

What I learned about myself from Karen and the horses has changed how I walk around in the world. I can step away from struggle and replace fear with love. The connection I made with the horses is one that I will carry with me forever.

Tammy, NC

“Now, a year later, I consider time with Karen and the horses to be one of the major spiritual experiences of my recovery”.

Becky, NC

“We are filled and cleansed, renewed and emptied”.

Debra & Stephanie, NC

“Equinection has taught me that regardless of how busy I am, I can always bring a heartfelt human presence to the bedside. This heart connection greatly comforts my patients and allows me to provide the kind of loving care for which I entered the health care field in the first place".

Melissa, M.A., M.S., Chaplain, P.R.N., NC

Awakening woke me up! I have hidden my pain for so long. The feminine connections; our group, the horses, the staff....created a safe environment to shed my "shields" and to help me find my inner genius".

Carole, NC.

"Try less, trust more".

Chris, WA.

"I would recommend Awakening for Women, or any other Equinection workshop that is offered, to anyone who truly wants to live".

Maggie, NC.

"This is the place I made the first steps in a life-changing journey. I will be forever grateful to everyone who had the vision and faithfully worked to create this wonderful place of discovery and healing".

Renee, NC.

"My experience at Equinection has altered my life in so many positive ways".


"Equinection works alongside of horses, but it is about “heart work” and not about horsemanship. It has helped me to connect the dots. It has taken the links and pieces of my life and put them into a whole chain of meaning”.

Paul S., VA.

"When I came to Equinection at the end of 2 years of depression, mourning the loss, bit-by-bit, of my mother, I made a breakthrough that weekend in October of 2014. I don't have the words to express to you the gratitude I feel for your facilitation of that event".

Barbara, NC.

"Everyone should experience a workshop with Karen before they ever have any contact with a horse. The skills she teaches you will work for every aspect in your life and you will be finished with tools for life".

Edwina, NC.

"I think daily of my time at Equinection and what a transformative experience it was".

Celia Hartnett, MSW, LCSW, NC.